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Spotlight on The Etagere

Etagere is a French word that refers to an open bookshelf.It was popularized in the late 18th century in France, crafted as a lightweight, freestanding set of open shelves used to display small, decorative objects, or objets, to use the French term.

We love the elegance and lightness of the étagere.It lacks the heavy visual weight of a solid-back bookshelf making it an incredibly useful case good.When other pieces in a room have a strong presence, an étagere will keep things light. It has the ability to draw the eye upwards and fill a void, without being imposing or domineering.Because of this lightness, étageres are often used in pairs to create a balanced, formal look.“Bunching” étageres side by side is also a great way to fill a large expanse of wall.

The open back of the étagere has the advantage of allowing the wall behind to be visible.Designers often use wall treatments like wallpaper, grasscloth and wall panelling to create a mood.The étagere doesn’t break up the view of the …