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Architectural Detail for Modern Spaces

Architectural Detail for Modern Spaces
Architectural detail, for many, is synonymous with traditional design. Wainscoting, wall panelling, tray ceilings, crown moulding, baseboard, door and window trim are some of the most common types architectural detail.So, with the huge trend towards modern style, is this type of millwork detailing soon to be a thing of the past?
With modern design, emphasis is on simplicity.Some millwork like baseboards, door and window casings have an actual function so they continue to exist in modern spaces, but often with very simplistic profiles. “Embellishment-type” millwork like wall panelling and moulding is the focus of this blog.Historically, this type of millwork has served to add interest, charm and warmth to spaces, but can it be used in a way that is simple and appropriate for spare, minimal spaces? I know it can.In fact, I think there exists an opportunity to use these architectural embellishments to augment modern style, add warmth to austere spaces…