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Expert Tip: Using Contrast in the Garden

Expert Tip: Using Contrast in the Garden One of the easiest ways to add impact and drama to your garden is to use the design principle of contrast.Contrast is the practice of putting things that are disparate next to one another so that the attributes of each are heightened.Contrast creates design tension, drawing our attention and making us take notice.The plant attributes primarily used to create this effect are colour, texture and form.
Plant Colour When it comes to colour contrast, we can contrast flower or foliage.Focusing on foliage vs. flowers is a better design strategy because it is a more enduring attribute (see Expert Do's and Don'ts of Garden Design).Foliage comes in a wide range of colours with various shades of green being the most obvious, but also in variegated, silver/blue, burgundy/purple and yellow/gold tones. As you can see in the photos below, the bold effect created by foliage contrast is anything but boring.

These shrubs and perennials below all have cultivar…