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Expert Do's and Don'ts of Garden Design

Expert Do's and Don'ts of Garden Design
With the growing season as short as it is here in Ottawa, we sometimes feel it's a race to get our gardens looking their best.  Every spring, we eagerly visit garden centres and come back with a collection of new favourite plants, get them in the ground and await to be awestruck by their display.  Why is it then, that we are often disappointed by the full effect of our gardens?  That, although we may love each individual plant, when we look at the garden in its entirety, it seems lack-luster?  These professional planting design tips will help you get the garden you long for.

1) Don't rely on flowers There's no disputing the beauty and colour that flowers bring to the garden.  The problem is that flower duration for most perennials and shrubs is only about 2 to 3 weeks and many flowering plants can be very ordinary and uninspiring when not in bloom.  Using plants with staggered bloom times helps to offset this problem but an ev…