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Small Scale Trees for the Home Landscape

Trees for the Home Landscape

Nature has a way of invigorating, inspiring and evoking serenity and tranquility.  As landscape designers we try to bring these qualities to our projects, and trees are the most invaluable tool nature has to offer us. They can provide privacy, create intimacy, soften hard lines,ground architecture and bring structures into scale.It's critical, though, to select the right scale of tree for your property.

The overhead canopy of a tree has a unique way of adding intimacy to an outdoor space.We innately feel a sense of well-being and comfort beneath the protection of a structure.The branches of a tree can deliver this sense of overhead protection and, if positioned strategically, the shade they cast can also be very welcome in the heat of summer.

Many of our clients have a property that is typically suburban in size so one of their top requests is often privacy.Fencing can provide instant privacy but doesn't screen the view of taller structures like neigh…